Store Order fulfillment in Retail Industries


Retail Stores regularly place order of its fast moving merchandise with its warehouse. Pack to light provides a simple yet productive mechanism to speed up process of packing store-order items in the warehouse and sending them to the stores is called store-order fulfilment.

Criteria: No. of Orders << No. of SKUs


  1. Each store-order consists of a list of SKUs along with the corresponding quantities.
  2. In the picking phase, SKUs are divided into multiple bins. Each Light Indicator represents a SKU in the Inventory.
  3. Once the picker goes into picking area and scan a particular bactch,it would triggers the Lights of Glow for those SKUs that are required in that batch.  Lights also display the quantity of that SKU required in the ord
  4. After picking is complete, the pickboxes are transported to the distribution area.
  5. In the distribution phase, the items are picked from pickboxes and inserted into shipper boxes,
  6. PTL Station Operator picks item from the pickbox and scans the SKU label of the item using a HHT
  7. As soon as the SKU is scanned, the lights on the PTL modules glow for the appropriate shipper boxes.  
  8. PTL station operator puts items into the shipper boxes for which the PTL light is glowing
  • Substantial reduction in  order fulfillment time by individual workman
  • Limited skill training of picker as operator is guided by automated light guided software
  • Lesser scope of error due to guidance provided by light guided software
  • Full proof mechanism as automated troubleshooting for any wrong pick up or error in quantity to be picked
  • Lesser travelling time for each worker

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