Sortation system in logistics industry


In the logistics industry often it is required to sort incoming parcels at a high speed. Put to light based sortation system is able to achieve sortation of 350-400 items per picker on hourly basis. In this case we map each  physical location  to a light Module which glows if  product is destined for that particular sorting location


  1. Each Sorting Zone contains a set number of PTL Light Indicators each representing a bin representing a particular destination.  An operator picks a shipment and scans its barcode.It would trigger light to glow of that PTL where item is to be dispatched
  2. Operator then places the product into the glowing Bag Location and presses the ‘confirmation’ button.
  3. Operator then picks up new shipment and same procedure is followed
  4. Once a bin gets filled it is emptied in a bag and  replaced by a new bin.System would generate a shipment ID to distinguish  among different bags
  • Substantial increment in no. of sortation per individual
  • Limited skill training of picker as operator is guided by automated light guided software
  • Lesser scope of error due to guidance provided by light guided software
  • Full proof mechanism as automated troubleshooting for any wrong pick up or error in quantity to be picked
  • Lesser travelling time for each worker

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