Sortation Solution

We at Flexli have developed a brand new line of low cost and high throughput sortation solution specifically designed for warehouse optimization

Sortation is the process of identifying items on a conveyor system and diverting them to specific destinations. Sorters are applied to different applications depending upon the product and the requested rate

Linear Arm Sorter

Linear arm sorter uses Pneumatic/Electrical arm to divert items to the specific locations

Flexli’s  linear arm sorter is specially designed for a scalable sortation system at most affordable ownership cost. Flexli’s sorter has also been tested to achieve throughput upto 3000 Sorts per Hour (Single Deck) and upto 6000 Sorts per hour (Double Deck)

Cross belt Sorter

Cross belt sorter uses multiple individual belt conveyor to divert items to the specific locations

The Cross-belt sortation system provides the ability to maintain a high speed of 2.5 meters per second  that could result upto 20,000 sortations per hour. Additionally, it provides flexibility to handle a wide range of cargos from 0.5 kgs to 25 kgs.

Swivel Wheel Sorter

Swivel Wheel sorter uses pivot wheels which spur onto 45 degrees in both the directions to divert items to the specific locations

Flexli’s Swivel wheel Sorter is most adaptable for medium speed sorting involving large volume cand heavy weight cartons and pouches

Pop up Sorters

Pop up sorter uses rollers which pops up in order to to divert items to the specific locations, it can divert items at an angle of 90 degrees in both the directions

Flexli’s Pop-Up Sorter provides a perfect blend for mid to high speed sorting involving gentle sorting applications for boxes and pouches


Modular design to fit in available space constraint

Easy to maintain

Robust and rugged sortation solution

Affordable automated sortation system

Why Flexli?

Competitive Prices

Zero Downtime

Simple to maintain

Flexli in-built arm speed regulation to sort delicate and brittle objects

Highest Safety Standards

100% warranty against any wear and tear and misalignment

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