Retail Industry Warehouse Automation

“Unravel warehouse potential with automation” – Flexli is proud to launch its range of solutions tailored to the requirements of the Retail Industry.

How Flexli can help you?

Mckinsey Global institute research has shown that about half of the activities in retail can be automated using current, at-scale technology. Flexli ‘s technical minds have come up with a solution that can help automate retail operations such as Inbound, Picking, Store order fulfillment, etc.

Solutions for Retail Sector


Inbound Profiling with Dimensioning and Weighing Systems (DWS)

Flexli Technologies has developed DWS system to record and identify the SKUs during the the entry, this is necessary to profile, stock, and update the SKU in the inventory.

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  1. Better profiling of SKUs at Inbound
  2. Maintaining correct inventory records
  3. Simpler process to increase throughput
  4. Increase in productivity

Collecting SKUs with Pick to Light

In the Retail Industry often the number of items are limited, but the same needs to be processed at a faster rate in SKU collection. Pick to light provides a robust mechanism to automate repeatedly picking of same items.

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  1. Accurate and Fast picking
  2. System can adapt with any changes in day to day operations
  3. Reduces multiple trips
  4. Can be integrated with any ERP/WMS

Store Order Fulfillment with Pack to Light

Retail Stores regularly place orders of its fast moving merchandise with its warehouse. Pack to light provides a simple yet productive mechanism to speed up the process of packing store-order items in the warehouse and sending them to the stores is called store-order fulfilment.

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  1. Substantial reduction in the Order Fulfillment time 
  2. Easy to learn and adapt
  3. Automated troubleshooting for any wrong pick
  4. Travelling time for each worker can be reduced significantly


Travelling time for each worker can be reduced significantly

Easy to learn and adapt

System is highly efficient and accurate

Reduction in overall operational cost

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