What is Pick To Light ?

Pick to light works like a GPS for your warehouse that knows precisely which item is placed where. It also knows how much quantity of an item needs to be picked to fulfil an order.

Light guides picker to the location

  1. Pick to light uses bright light to tell the user which bin to pick from. Additionally, quantity to be picked is displaced in the LED screen.
  2. Pick to light then verifies correct pick by inbuilt sensor or touch button. If incorrect pick is made device alerts the user
  3. Pick to light can also inform the system if the bin is getting low in quantity.
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Get faster and accurate picking


Limited Skill Required

Limited skill training of picker as operator is guided by pick to light software.

Increase In Productivity

Increase in productivity as paper-based picking requires picker to search for each item throughout zone.

Lesser Errors

Lesser scope of error due to guidance provided by light guided software

Flexli offers lowest cost in the market

Competitive Prices

Automated Troubleshooting

Flexli's Pick To Light has automated troubleshooting and reports generated daily

Simple Interface

Simple to use interface to modify mapping of PTL modules to items. Also simple to configure new modules into your system

Zero Downtime

Flexli's Pick to light has zero downtime with easy and low cost maintenance.

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