Order Picking System for FMCG and Pharmaceuticals


In FMCG and pharmaceuticals often the number of items are limited, but the same needs to be processed at a faster rate in Order picking. Pick to light provides a robust mechanism to semi automate repeatedly picking of same items

  • In an assembly line setup, SKUs are divided across multiple stations. Each Light Indicator represents a SKU in the Inventory
  • Each picker works in a  designated station termed as picker’s picking zone to reduce their walk time.
  • Once a picker scans an Order ID, it would triggers the Lights of Glow for those SKUs that are required in the order.  Lights also display the quantity of that SKU required in the order
  • Picker will pick all the items as well confirmed the same by pressing confirm button on PTL device
  • Once all the picks for an order are completed in one station, the order is passed to the next one that also contains items needed
  • Substantial reduction in Picking  times by increasing the Pick rates substantially
  • Limited skill training of picker as operator is guided by automated light guided software
  • Lesser scope of error due to guidance provided by light guided software
  • Full proof mechanism as automated troubleshooting for any wrong pick up or error in quantity to be picked
  • Lesser travelling time for each worker

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