Order consolidation in e-commerce industry

 Flexli simplifies the process of order consolidation in the e-commerce sector with light-guided picking modules to make the overall process reliable and time-efficient

What is Order Consolidation?

Order Consolidation is a process in which different orders from different suppliers are grouped together in a single package, these consolidations are carried out on the basis of a similar place of delivery or customer in order to save time and reduce shipping costs.

In the e-commerce industry often multiple orders containing 2 -3 line items need to be picked up at high speed. Pick to light is quite helpful for consolidating multiple orders at same time by  Zone Picking  then consolidating different products for a multi item order.

Process Flow

  • In the picking phase, SKUs are divided into multiple bins. Each Light Indicator represents a SKU in the Inventory.
  • Once the picker goes into the picking area and scans a particular batch,it would trigger the Lights to Glow for those SKUs that are required in that batch.  Lights also display the quantity of that SKU required in the order
  • After picking is complete, the pickboxes are transported to the distribution area.
  • Once a pickbox is opened in distribution area, a product is scanned with its parent order id being assigned to one of the empty Put Location
  • Empty Put locations keep on getting assigned orders as and when the first product of that order is scanned.
  • Whenever a subsequent product of an already assigned order is scanned, the Put locations where the orders are assigned starts to glow.
  • As soon as the Order is complete (All the products for that are consolidated), the PTL Light Indicator starts to glow in a different color indicating the operator that the Order can be pushed for further processing
  • Operator releases the order from the Racks and sends it for further processing.
  • The emptied Put Location is then assigned to the next new Order.


Shorter order cycle time

Easy to learn and adapt

System is highly efficient and accurate

Reduction in overall operational cost

Why Flexli?

Competitive Prices

Flexli inbuilt protection layer to prevent rusting

Optimal design to carry required load capacity

100% warranty against any wear and tear

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