M Sort

Sorting your sortation

Flexli is proud to present M Sort, a series of smart robots designed to accelerate your Warehouse Sortation demand and adapt to your volume fluctuations. Powered by Flexli Bot Management software, the army of smart Bots are self-sufficient to carry the parcels in the shortest way and sort parcels in the range of 2000 to 20000 sorts per hour.

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M Sort can achieve accuracy upto 99%

Simple to Onboard, with onboarding time less than 7 weeks

Each bot can carry up to 10 kg of load

Each bot can travel up to 3 m/sec

Capable of sorting up to 20000 orders per hour

System Architecture


Better RoI

M Sort can provide RoI within an Year

Affordable Cost

Available at a cost that will fit your budget


Scalable with Stations and Robots as required


M Sort can achieve accuracy upto 99%


Fully automated robots help make the use of robots safe

Highly efficient

Bots are highly efficient and can reduce the required manpower by 25%