Logistics Industry Warehouse Automation

“Foster your growths with automation” – Flexli launches a range of warehouse solution intended to serve logistic industries with latest technology.

How Flexli can help you?

According to Knight Frank latest research “With the advancement of automation, share of logistics cost in GDP is set to come down by a minimum of 1–1.5% in the near to medium term. This would lead to savings of an estimated $45 billion”. Flexli offers you the latest solution designed to automate logistics processes such as parcel sorting, order consolidation, baggage sorting, truck loading / unloading, and many more.

Solutions for Logistics Industry

Flexli Popup Sorter

Parcel Sortation with Sorting Conveyor

SKUs must be sorted with respect to the location or areas before they are packed into baggage. With Flexli Sortation Solution, you can achieve high-speed sorting from 1500 sorts per hour to 20000 sorts per hour for even smaller SKUs.

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  1. Increase throughput.
  2. Easy to maintain.
  3. Decrease in labour cost.
  4. Reduce manual error.

Order Consolidation with Pick to light

In the logistics industry often multiple orders containing 2 -3 line items need to be picked up at high speed. Pick to light is quite helpful for consolidating multiple orders at same time by  Zone Picking  then consolidating different products for a multi item order.

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  1. System helps in achieving high speed workflow
  2. Highly accurate
  3. System is user friendly and easy to learn
  4. Higher positive ROI
Flexli Linear Sorter

Baggage Sortation with Linear Arm Sorters

Before Loading the baggage into the vehicle it must be first sorted according to its respective zones. Flexli Linear Arm sorter can help help in sorting these heavy baggages with throughput upto 3000 Sorts per Hour (Single Deck) and upto 6000 Sorts per hour (Double Deck)

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  1. Easy to maintain
  2. Can be configured to Pneumatic or Electric actuation type
  3. Ergonomic design to manage space efficiently
  4. Can be integrated with Weighing machine

Truck Loading/Unloading with Telescopic Conveyor

Truck Loading / Unloading is manually cumbersome and inefficient when carrying huge quantities of heavy baggage. Flexli Telescopic with adjustable height and Expansion/Contraction action on the telescopic conveyors makes it ideal for Loading/Unloading operations.

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  1. Significantly reduces labour cost and operation time.
  2. Minimizes handling losses.
  3. Rugged design to handle heavy loads.
  4. Easy handling.


Shorter order cycle time

System is highly efficient and accurate

Easy to learn and adapt

Reduction in overall operational cost

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System can be integrated to ERP/WMS

100% warranty against any wear and tear

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