Light Guided Picking Solution

Flexli developed a robust line of Light guided picking solutions which are designed to increase the efficiency of picking while reducing the time and cost involved in the process

Pick/Put to light solution

In the Pick/Put to light solution, a sequence of blinking lights guide the personnel from the store entry to the exact bin location. 

A light is installed at every individual bin location, every rack, and every aisle which can help to Pick, Put, Sort, and Assemble the required items.

Pick to light module can also be equipped with alpha numeric display panel to show pickers the quantity of items

Batch picking using multi order picking cart

Batch picking is quite suitable to pick orders in a cluster of 10-50 orders using picking carts with attached Pick to Light modules. 

Orders are collected item wise with a unique bin in the picking cart allocated to each order. Once picking cart reaches order fulfillment area required items are picked and segregated into the bins according to the respective orders


Limited skill training of picker

Paperless picking to increase efficiency

Reduces operation cost

Simple and Reliable picking

Automated troubleshooting for any wrong pick

Lesser travelling time for each pick

Why Flexli?

Competitive Prices

Custom User interface to map PTL modules to SKU

Automated troubleshooting and daily report generated

Zero downtime

Simple to maintain

Integration with ERP

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