E-Commerce Warehouse Automation

“Fulfillment drives revenue” – Flexli can automate your fulfillment processes with products tailored specifically to e-commerce sector needs.

How Flexli can help you?

India’s e-commerce sales are expected to be the second-fastest growing among the top 10 APAC (Asia-PACific) countries, at 26% 3-year annual growth. Flexli e-commerce solution can help you make the most of this growth rate by automating warehouse processes such as Inbound, Order Consolidation and Outbound

Solutions for E-Commerce Sector


SKU Profiling with Dimensioning and Weighing Systems (DWS)

Flexli Technologies has developed DWS system to record and identify the SKUs during the the entry, this is necessary to profile, stock, and update the SKU in the inventory.

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  1. Better profiling of SKUs at Inbound
  2. Maintaining correct inventory records
  3. Simpler process to increase throughput
  4. Increase in productivity
Flexli Linear Sorter

Sortation of Parcels with Conveyor Automation

In any E-Commerce fulfillment center, sorting packages of different sizes to the consolidation centers is always a costly task. With Flexli Sortation Solution, you can achieve high speed throughput from 1500 sorts per hour to 20000 sorts per hour.

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  1. Increase throughput
  2. Easy to maintain
  3. Decrease in labour cost
  4. Reduce manual error

Order Consolidation with Pick to light

In the e-commerce industry often multiple orders containing 2 -3 line items need to be picked up at high speed. Pick to light is quite helpful for consolidating multiple orders at same time by Zone Picking then consolidating different products for a multi item order.

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  1. System helps in achieving high speed workflow
  2. Highly accurate
  3. System is user friendly and easy to learn
  4. Higher positive ROI
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Strapping of Boxes with Automated Machines

To meet with the increasing demand and handle high velocity of orders it is a necessity to include automation in the operation, Flexli supplies Strapping Automation solutions capable to pack orders at high throughput rate.


  1. Eliminate manual error
  2. Labour cost is significantly reduced
  3. Less wastage of strap
  4. Highly durable


Shorter order cycle time

Easy to learn and adapt

System is highly efficient and accurate

Reduction in overall operational cost

Why Flexli?

Competitive Prices

Flexli inbuilt protection layer to prevent rusting

Optimal design to carry required load capacity

100% warranty against any wear and tear

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