Automobile and Electronics Warehouse Automation

“Complex processes require smart solutions” – Flexli offers a wide range of solutions for automating the supply chain in the Automobile and Electronics Industries

How Flexli can help you?

According to a survey conducted by Robotic Business Review “Automated and efficient warehouses in the survey were 76 percent more likely to boost inventory accuracy to 99 percent or higher”.  With the contemporary cutting edge technology Flexli can help companies to automate their warehouse operations like Inbound, Replenishing SKU, Kitting, and Outbound.

Solutions for Automobile and Electronics Sector


Profiling SKUs with Dimensional Weighing Systems (DWS)

Flexli Technologies has developed DWS system to record and identify the SKUs during the the entry, this is necessary to profile, stock, and update the SKU in the inventory

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  1. Better profiling of SKUs at Inbound
  2. Maintaining correct inventory records
  3. Simpler process to increase throughput
  4. Increase in productivity

Replenish stock with Put To Light Technology

Facilitate the process of stock replenishment with our light guided Put To Light solution. Put to Light modules guide operators to efficiently and conveniently position the SKUs at their desired spot.

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  1. Same module and software can be used for Kitting 
  2. Can be integrated with any WMS/ERP
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Reduce manual error

Kitting with Pick to light Technology

Manufacturing industry, especially automobile and electronics, are required to prepare kits in the course of product assembly or spare set assembly. Pick to light provides a robust mechanism to automate the kitting process

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  1. System helps in achieving high speed workflow
  2. Highly accurate
  3. System is user friendly and easy to learn
  4. Higher positive ROI

Parts Assembly with Assembly Line Conveyor

The Automotive and Electronics sectors have to deal with a large number of SKUs during assembly of any component, complex design and shorter lead time, adding further challenges to the process. The Flexli assembly line conveyor helps to streamline the assembly process by increasing the efficiency and throughput of the operation.


  1. Increase throughput
  2. Easy to maintain
  3. Decrease in labour cost
  4. Reduce manual error


Travelling time for each worker can be reduced significantly

System is efficient and highly accurate

Reduction in overall operational cost

Limited training is required

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