Airport Cargo Solution

Flexli is proud to introduce our state of the art Air Cargo pallet/ ULDs handling systems to simplify the movement of ULDs in the warehouses

Castor Deck

Castor Decks are the economical and high performance solution designed for moving aircraft pallets or ULDs through a manual or semi-manual cargo system. Castor wheels mounted on these decks allow personnel to move the pallet in any direction.

flexli castor deck

Ball Deck

Ball decks are platform with precision built grooves to place Ball Transfer Units (BTUs) which are especially designed for moving Air cargo pallets or ULDs freely in any direction



Flexibility to move container weighing more than 10 tons in any desired direction

Easy to maintain

Rugged design that minimize wear and tear in both castor deck and ULD

Why Flexli?

Competitive Prices

Flexli inbuilt protection layer to prevent rusting

Optimal design to carry required load capacity

100% warranty against any wear and tear

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