Flexible Automation for the Modern Day Warehouse
Improve Efficiency with Flexibility Cost-Effective for best RoI Modular to scale with your business

Amazon Case Study

The Mumbai based data center of Amazon Web Services approached us with a requirement of a picking system to improve their bin locating step of the picking process and decrease the picking time.

Aditya Birla Case Study

ABFRL approached Flexli for the development of an automated weighing system to reduce manual error and increase throughput

Our Clients

Clients Speak

Meet the brains behind Flexli

Raja Choudhary - CEO
IIT Kanpur, Ex-Reliance

Nehchal Flexli
Nechal Jindal - CTO
IIT Kanpur, Georgia Institute of Technology

Shrikant Bhole - COO
IIT Kanpur, Ex-Hopscotch


Raja Choudhary

Raja serves as CEO and oversees all operations, business activities to ensure they produce the desired results. Passionate about Robotics and Automation, he aims to make Flexli a global leader in the warehouse automation industry.

Raja has a graduate degree from IIT Kanpur. In addition, he has specialised in developing robots in hazardous industrial conditions and in turn holds 2 patents under his belt. He is passionate about robotics, automation and strives to solve complex modern-day problems with cutting-edge technology.

Nechal Jindal

Nehchal serves as CTO of Flexli. He is the technical guy who oversees all the technical aspects of FLexli. As CTO, he is responsible for making things run smoothly with all the products at FlexLi. With an extensive background in Robotics and Automation, he strives to push the technological boundaries at Flexli with the focus on innovation.

Nehchal has a graduate degree from IIT Kanpur. Published a research paper in IROS 2016, which is known to be one of the best international conferences for robotics research. His experience includes working for Google US and as a consultant for India’s premier Robotics company Systemantics. Nehchal is a postgraduate degree in Robotics from Georgia Institute of Technology, US.

Shrikant Bhole

Shrikant serves as COO and looks after growth, P&L and Revenue of Flexli. Shrikant is playing a key role in Flexli to build partnership, market research and client engagement to help flexi build products that serve our client best.
Shrikant has graduated from IIT Kanpur. His previous experience in Operation and Analytics in e-commerce industry provides Flexli with right understanding of warehouse automation requirement across different verticals and domains of logistic and e-commerce.